Siemens is launching the new LMS Sound Camera, a fast and versatile sound source localization system that helps accelerate acoustic troubleshooting for a wide variety of industries, and enhances sound design and brand perception. In the field or in the lab, this modular, high-quality digital microphone array with dedicated software offers instant and accurate visualization of sound sources for any noise-generation object. Part of Siemens’ Simcenter portfolio of advanced simulation and test solutions for predicative engineering analytics, the LMS Sound Camera system can be used in three sizes by utilizing short and long arms. Coupled with additional microphones, it increases its operational capabilities based on customer needs. It covers a range of frequency up to 20 kHz. New digital sensors, scalable design and quick time-to-result provides a more effective and more affordable product that can be used by both novice and expert users.
– LMS Sound Camera will enable simple as well as highly technical and sophisticated testing to be completed with much less set-up time and training, said Dr. Jan Leuridan, Senior Vice President of Simulation and Test Solutions for Siemens PLM Software.
– This new addition to our Simcenter portfolio offers exciting opportunities in sound source localization across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace, marine, consumer goods, industrial machinery and much more.
Using LMS Sound Camera enables engineers to accelerate acoustic troubleshooting by locating sound sources from different distances and angles. With its short arms, the array can provide reliable results in the near and far field. Its long arms can be used for bigger objects that require measuring from further away.
Utilizing LMS Sound Camera, performing efficient acoustic troubleshooting becomes independent from distance or object size. The same array can be used in the field one day, and in the lab the next. It can also be used by different teams for a multitude of sound source localization tasks. Because all electronics are integrated in the array, there is no need for other external data acquisition systems. It permits instant, reliable localization of any stationary, transient or impulsive sound.
For more advanced applications, LMS Sound Camera can be combined with LMS SCADAS hardware and LMS Test.Lab software, which are also part of the Simcenter portfolio. LMS Test.Lab offers a complete, integrated solution for test-based engineering that combines high speed multi-channel data acquisition with a full suite of integrated testing, analysis and report generation tools.