Cerulean Labs is pleased to announce the release of version 2 of their sketch-based conceptual design tool. This latest version builds out the core vision for Spaces with a vast array of new features.

– Since we first launched Spaces in October 2021, we have been busy filling out the feature set to deliver on our core vision for Spaces, says the founder of Spaces, Campbell Yule.

Version 2 includes comprehensive Space planning, sun studies, a new digital sketchbook, and key workflow integration features, including IFC and OBJ export.

Space planning allows you to create and manage your design brief, put together your project concept and then create reports to ensure your design meets the requirements. 

The introduction of sun studies sees a huge productivity boost with building concepts being able to be created in literally minutes with animated sun studies immediately available at your fingertips. With little or no modelling experience required, this speed, functionality, and accuracy level is unprecedented in the conceptual design stage.

Doubling down on our core sketching theme – which we believe is still the fastest way to explore design ideas – the new digital sketchbook provides the perfect companion to your design process. The sketchbook allows you to create sketches, take notes and test ideas. In addition, the sketchbook provides our customers with the digital equivalent of tracing paper, where you can send snapshots of your model to the sketchbook, allowing you to quickly trace over the model and explore ideas in a freehand sketch manner.

Lastly, in the world of AEC design, software integration is critical. The introduction of both IFC and OBJ export means Spaces models can now form the foundations for developed design in your favourite BIM tool or can be used to produce high-quality presentation renderings.

– While we were keen to come to market early with Spaces, today is a proud day for the whole team as we deliver the core of our original vision, says Yule. That said, we still feel we are only just starting our journey and are looking forward to building on the success of our version 2 launch, concludes Yule.

Version 2 Features

  • Space planning
  • Brief management, including space types and exception reporting
  • New sketchbook with tracing capabilities
  • Workflow integration via IFC and OBJ export
  • Sun studies 
  • Column tool
  • Improved 2d with above/below options
  • Improved editing
  • Performance improvements


  • Spaces 2 is available for immediate download via the Apple App Store
  • With the launch of Version 2 Cerulean Labs has introduced an additional Subscription – Spaces Pro.
  • A comprehensive overview of the features contained in the free and paid version of Spaces is available: https://www.spacesapp.io/pricing 
  • Cerulean Labs have also introduced online purchasing to their website, enabling companies to purchase and manage multiple subscriptions in a straightforward manner

About Spaces by Cerulean Labs

All great architecture starts with a line – Spaces by Cerulean Labs is reinventing conceptual design for architecture. By combining sketching with the power of the iPad, Spaces provides a fast, flexible and fluid workflow allowing architects to sketch design options quickly with little or no modelling ability. At the same time, live building data is at your fingertips to inform your design decisions every step of the way.

For more information, please contact:

Campbell Yule – Founder
Email: campbell@ceruleanlabs.io