F&M Proiect is one of the leading precast design companies in Romania. They are on the market with activities in architecture, planning & design and have been since 2002. The company is located in Cluj-Napoca, which is the second-largest city in Romania and 1st when it comes to cost per square meter. Throughout the years, F&M Proiect has tested and used a lot of software, having experience with almost every software available on the Romanian market with the objective to always optimize and save time without having to sacrifice accuracy in results. In 2016 they acquired FEM-Design and PRE-Stress from StruSoft and in 2020 they decided to close the circle and buy IMPACT.

For this article, we interviewed one of the partners and chief design engineer Alexandru Marcu and team leader Robert Veskan. When asked if StruSoft products help them in their design optimization process, Alexandru Marcu said:

We believe the design process is efficient in our company. We are trying to always make it even better. We daily use StruSoft software’s and it helps us a lot, we believe they have a high optimization potential. It is up to us to use them at full capacity.

StruSoft is always looking for client feedback and based on that we optimize our support/training and software developments. When asked how F&M Proiect would rate the StruSoft Support response time:

We are satisfied by the response time so far and we noticed an improvement in developing it further in this sense, sais Alexandru Marcu. Robert Veskan agrees : The support system is one of the best we encountered so far.