As part of its mission to train and empower the next generation of engineers, Siemens Digital Industries Software is partnering with Brighton High School (BHS) in Michigan on an early workforce development program. Through technical marketing internships for graduating seniors, Siemens is providing a unique opportunity for these students to apply their skills in Computer Aided Design. These students will help design and modify models and to learn to work with tools from the Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio of software, offering a head start in not only their academic pathway, but their future careers, too.

Matt Jourden, Engineering Technology Teacher at Brighton High School has been instructing students in CAD for over a decade. Mr. Jourden confirms,

– This partnership will help us keep the curriculum aligned with industry best practices so we can prepare students for the next steps after high school. Gaining firsthand experience with this technology so they can better understand the day-to-day job of an engineer is a great taste of the industry. Through the internships, Brighton students will gain access to tools, experiences and mentoring that will help these students advance skillsets at the university level and beyond.

Brighton High School was selected for this partnership in large part due to the success and recognition of their science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum, which was designed to follow best practices and current industry trends. As a result, Brighton students are constantly exposed to new technologies – including Siemens’ software – to better equip them with an understanding of the tools used in the industry. With BHS’ new STEAM Center nearing completion, the partnership with Siemens will provide additional opportunities for students to put education to practice. Siemens’ solutions are trusted by many of the world’s leading companies to design, simulate, and manufacture products across many industries. With access to a range of Siemens solutions including NX software, simulation, product data management (PDM), digital manufacturing and manufacturing execution system (MES) software, the program will allow engineering students to build their knowledgebase and understanding of industry operations with first-hand experience.

Siemens’ early workforce development program showcases the value that experience before college can have on the growth and development of students’ early workforce years and the colleges, as well.

– Through this program, we’re giving these students skills and toolsets before they even get to college, so they can hit the ground running when they get there and go even farther, explains David Taylor, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

– These kids are getting a huge head start on software skills, knowledge and their careers in industry. Siemens hopes to expand this program to other high schools that showcase significant academic potential.

Siemens’ Digital Industries Software supports over 3,000 secondary and post-secondary institutions globally to help empower the workforce leaders of tomorrow. Siemens has made grants of industrial software and hardware that have enabled more than 1 million students around the world to access to the same industrial strength software used by leading companies in all industries. By providing opportunity through workforce development programs, Siemens remains committed to contributing a sustainable positive impact on young professionals so that they can progress and prosper as the leaders of the next generation.