New version of simulation software enables better usage of test-based data

Plano, USA. Siemens is releasing a new version of the Simcenter Testlab software suite. This software solution
supports users in data acquisition and analysis as well as modeling simulations.
The new version features numerous functions for test scenarios. As a result, test-based data will now be used not only for validation and certification purposes, but also earlier in the development cycle, during simulation and design. This in turn helps engineers to increase the efficiency of their simulations and to develop smart solutions under tight schedules.
The functional enhancements include model-based system tests, which close the loop with simulation and enable system validation based on a combined physical and virtual test. This will clearly drive forward modelbased development. Thanks to component- based transfer path analysis (TPA) it is possible to predict full-system noise, vibration and harshness performance earlier in the design process by combining component models and measurements in the software. The new version also covers the new minimum noise standards for Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) and introduces active sound design to create brand-specific sounds. Interactive audio and video replay enhances sound quality.

More efficient and easier for all teams
The latest version of Simcenter Testlab adds numerous new functions to Simcenter Testlab Neo-Software– the next platform for test-based engineering— and to the other Simcenter Testlab solutions. Users benefit from greater productivity, improved monitoring of all production phases and easier collaboration between all the teams involved in the project. In addition, the new version maximizes the benefits of using the digital twin.