All of the SimWise products are independent of any CAD system.
Simple geometry, suitable for creating basic design layouts, can be created within SimWise. The detailed geometry required for accurate simulation can be imported from most major CAD systems.
SimWise can directly read files created by Catia V5, Creo Elements/ Pro, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, and Siemens NX. Additionally IGES, STEP, ACIS, and Parasolids files can be read.
SimWise provides add-ins for SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, SpaceClaim Engineer, and Geomagic Design that transfer parts and assemblies from these CAD systems together with any assembly constraints directly into the SimWise database. If the parts or assemblies are updated in these CAD systems, the updates can be sent to SimWise and only the effected parts of the simulation model will be updated.