SimWise 4D
Integrated Motion Simulation Stress Analysis and Optimization


SimWise 4D is a software tool that allows the functional performance of mechanical parts and assemblies to be simulated and validated. It combines 3D multi-body dynamic motion simulation with 3D finite element analysis and optimization in a Windows based, CAD neutral product, priced affordably for every engineer. Each of the major components of SimWise 4D, the motion module, and the FEA module, is available as a separate product and are powerful in their own right but the real benefits arise when the two are combined together in the 4D product.

Designs that are made up of moving mechanical parts present challenges when it comes time to answer fundamental questions like “Does it work?”, “Will it break?”, “How can it be designed better?”, and “How long will it last?”.

Dynamic forces are hard to calculate and the part stresses induced by motion are even more difficult to quantify. Many of these designs are validated in the test lab or in the field using prototypes of pre-production designs. If problems are found the designs must be revised and the process repeated, resulting in a costly and time-consuming approach to product validation SimWise 4D gives you the ability to explore the functional performance of your design before prototypes are built. Options can be explored in a timely and cost effective manner because hardware does not need to be built until you have confidence that your design works as intended.

The capabilities of SimWise 4D make “getting it right the first time” more than just a slogan; it makes it an integral part of your design process.