What is included

The Femap student edition is free to all students enrolled in formal education and includes the same comprehensive FE modeling and analysis technology used by engineers and analysts in industry around the world. Femap Student Edition includes the mesh-centric finite element pre- and postprocessor in addition to the industry-leading NX Nastran solver. Also included is the NX Nastran Dynamic Response add-on module for transient and frequency response analysis. Together, Femap with NX Nastran deliver a comprehensive solution that can solve complex engineering problems.

Delivering value to students


Femap Student Edition is available at no cost to any active student attending any academic institution such as accredited universities, technical colleges, trade and secondary schools.

The Femap Student Edition is intended for academic course work. Files created in the Student Edition cannot be opened in commercial versions of Femap and structural model sizes are limited to 32,000 nodes.

 Supporting students

Siemens understands the challenges faced by students and the importance of using the latest industry-leading technology. With the Femap Student Edition, Siemens is investing in the next generation of product engineers and analysts and helping create the future workforce for our partners and customers.

 Training and support

Femap includes on-line step-by-step help tutorials that cover many aspects of finite element modeling and analysis types. Support is provided via a dedicated online forum.

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