tado° launches its first-of-a-kind Care & Protect Skill which keeps customers home heating systems running smoothly and offers tangible step-by-step solutions when issues arise. With 24/7 monitoring of home heating systems, Care & Protect detects boiler faults, informs users on how to fix them or who to call, and helps to minimise the outage time of heating systems to guarantee a warm and comfortable home. The new tado° Skill will be available from today via an app update.

On average, the heating system breaks down every 2-3 years. It often takes many days before a suitable installer and the appropriate spare parts are available and replaced. During this time the customer has to endure a cold home. Through the analysis of millions of heating systems, tado° found out that in 60% of cases problems can be solved directly by the customers themselves.

Fix it yourself

tado° Care & Protect monitors the heating system around the clock and keeps the user up-to-date with important information about the system’s performance and health. If tado° detects an unusual pattern, users get a notification on their smartphone. They then have the option to self fix this issue in a few simple steps.

tado° Care & Protect guides the user through this process, for example, if the boiler needs a restart or if radiators should be bled to let air out. If users feel uncomfortable working on the heating system or encounter any problems during the self-fix process, they always have the option to book a trusted professional or get help from a suggested engineer via the tado° Boiler Repair Service.

Preventing boiler breakdowns (coming soon)

tado°’s real-time data monitoring and intelligent algorithms even prevent problems before they actually occur. Many boilers break down unnoticed by their owners The new tado° Care & Protect Skill helps to avoid heating system outages. Through a digital two-way connection between the boiler and the tado° Smart Thermostat, tado° can analyse metrics such as water pressure, pump speed, and error codes and inform the customer. For example, when the water pressure is too low, which will eventually cause the heating system to shut down, it will notify the customer a few weeks before such an automatic shut down and advise to refill water. But even if a boiler does not support a digital connection, tado°’s smart algorithms will identify potential heating system breakdowns based on room temperature data.

Price & availability

From today the new Care & Protect Skill will be added to the tado° app through a free app update. Care & Protect is available in the tado° Auto-Assist Skill but a simplified version is also available for non Auto-Assist users. The Auto-Assist feature includes Geofencing, Open Window Detection, and Care & Protect. It takes care of the user’s home climate by fully automating the Geofencing and Open Window Detection Skills for even more savings and comfort.