Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced that it is integrating the Supplyframe Design-to-Source Intelligence platform with its Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of software and services to bring robust real-time supply chain intelligence to the world’s most comprehensive digital twin technology. 

Starting with the incorporation of the Supplyframe Design-to-Source Intelligence platform with Siemens’ Xpedition software for electronic systems design, the fully integrated solution, available now, facilitates supply chain resilience by providing real-time visibility into global component availability, demand, cost, compliance and associated parametric data at the point of design.

Combining Siemens’ market leadership in printed circuit board (PCB) design and analysis technologies with Supplyframe’s deep market intelligence, the new solution can help customers reduce costs, increase agility, and make better, more highly informed component decisions at the point of design. By synchronizing data from the product lifecycle management (PLM) and electronics computer aided design (ECAD) domains, the solution engineering organizations streamline the selection, creation, and management of components during electronic systems design. 

– This new solution is a game changer for our OEM customers, who have faced extraordinary challenges in recent years due to a complicated set of dynamic market forces, said AJ Incorvaia, senior vice president of Electronic Board Systems at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Global supply chains have become increasingly unpredictable due to unprecedented geopolitical developments, globally distributed organizations and suppliers, and ever-growing pressure to develop highly complex new products and bring them to market quickly. By leveraging the industry-leading capabilities of Supplyframe’s Design-to-Source Intelligence platform together with Siemens’ industry-leading Xpedition software for electronic systems design, we are equipping our customers with the tools and technologies to compete and thrive in the face of these challenges.

Acquired by Siemens in 2021, Supplyframe is the leading Design-to-Source platform for the global electronics value chain that helps leading electronics manufacturers and distributors accelerate new product introductions, reduce supply chain risk, and take advantage of market opportunities through intelligent software and industry-specific solutions. The Supplyframe Design-to-Source Intelligence platform includes global real-time availability and lead times for over 600M component parts, and captures billions of data signals about part supply, demand, risk and commercial intent.

Siemens‘ new, integrated offering delivers a range of compelling functionalities and use cases for engineering organizations developing next-generation PCB designs, including: 

  • Push-button access to detailed component intelligence on over 600 million manufacturer part numbers, which can empower engineers to make more informed part decisions and tradeoffs when the cost of change is lowest. 
  • Elimination of manual data entry and library maintenance tasks.
  • Detailed part comparison views, “what-if” part selection analysis, and digitally managed workflows.
  • Seamless, real-time part-level audits for streamlined risk assessments during design capture.