Medical device firm uses Teamcenter to improve data and knowledge management
Chandigarh/India. Allengers Medical Systems Ltd. (Allengers) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of medical diagnostic equipment such as x-ray and radiology systems. By virtue of its high system and safety standards, the company has gained a large number of certifications, including the ISO Standards 9001:2008 and 13485:2010. In the past, all forms of process documentation carried out by the company were analog and performed manually. There was no link between development and customer requirement management, and knowledge sharing between the teams involved in projects was laborious.
By introducing Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software, Allengers has now been able to set up a fully integrated environment which addresses the entire product design process and speeds up the time to market. This in turn leads to lower engineering costs, improved data management and a tangible boost to quality.

Avoiding information silos

Previously, information such as specific customer requirements essential for product development was managed using a standalone software solution which was not linked to product development. The same applied to the design and release process. This resulted in inadequate knowledge sharing and a lack of cooperation between the different mechanical, electronics and software teams. By installing the new system, the company wanted not only to digitalize its existing manual documentation, but also improve communication between the different teams, as well as optimizing both requirements management and project management.

Faster, better – and more communicative

Siemens Solutions Partner DesignTech Systems Ltd. (DesignTech) introduced Allengers to Teamcenter as a solution to take care of its complete business process and product life cycle management. Using this new platform, the company is now able to optimize its work flow and simplify the way it shares and traces documentation. “Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter helped us in setting up a fully integrated environment that addresses the end-to-end product design cycle,“ says Suresh Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director of Allengers. And Sanjeev K. Marjara, Director of Research and Development, adds: “Using Teamcenter enabled us to enhance cross-team communication and knowledge sharing, thus breaking up our information silos. Teamcenter also helped us to get our necessary FDA compliance documentation in place in a digital format.” By providing this level of compatibility with the requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Allengers has opened up whole new business opportunities. Together with the optimized design process, an improved time-to-market and the associated cost savings, Teamcenter is also helping Allengers achieve a tangible improvement in product quality.