Siemens Digital Industries Software and Bentley Systems announce the immediate availability of a new Capital Asset Lifecycle Management (CALM) solution for Teamcenter software. This new solution, developed collaboratively by both companies, was created to address the challenges typically faced across an enterprise’s greenfield and brownfield capital projects, including rampant delays and cost overruns, which can be caused by lack of system interoperability and a failure to appropriately leverage digitalization. These challenges can adversely affect the efficiency of the operational plant or system. To address these challenges and realize greater efficiency throughout the lifecycle of capital assets, Teamcenter CALM solutions help companies make the transition to digitalization for the planning, design, procurement, construction, and operation of capital assets. The Teamcenter CALM solution can consolidate asset data and weave a digital thread from project delivery into operations, enabling the creation of a closed-loop digital twin— the virtual representation of a physical asset—to visualize and simulate project designs, construction execution, and operational performance.

– The Teamcenter for Capital Asset Lifecycle Management solution is the latest offering to come out of our collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Last month, our jointly-developed PlantSight cloud service went live and is now available from either Siemens or Bentley, to jump-start digital twin benefits for any operating process plant. Now the CALM solution, available exclusively from Siemens, works with Teamcenter across the enterprise to advance and improve capital program decision making, said Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems. It leverages Bentley’s iTwin technologies to extend digital twin advancements to the enterprise level!

Capital assets form the productive base of an organization, and organizations invest a large portion of their funds into their capital assets, which are the facilities, plants, factories, and critical infrastructure that are the foundation of operations. Today, many capital asset stakeholders who design, construct, and/or operate capital assets have yet to digitalize their assets for improved efficiencies. They struggle to aggregate, manage and trace capital project and operational data at an enterprise level, leading to efficiency losses in capital project delivery and throughout the entire asset lifecycle. According to McKinsey & Company, 98% of megaprojects incur cost overruns or delays, averaging a cost increase of 80% and delaying delivery by 20 months. The inefficiencies that are created in project delivery are passed down to the owner/operator where they can exist for decades. New capital projects and plant modernizations continue to be completed in the same inefficient manner and the cycle repeats.

The CALM solution provides advanced capital program management capabilities as well as a simulation-driven approach to design, construction, and operations. By leveraging these new simulation and optimization technologies, capital program stakeholders can initially monitor, then improve, their assets’ performance. The solution consolidates project and operational data from disparate systems, including 1D, 2D, & 3D design and engineering data from third-party CAD/CAE/BIM tools and/or from PlantSight, forming a single digital thread of asset data that is accessed through a secure, traceable and well-orchestrated enterprise ecosystem.

The asset data is enriched by enterprise-level visualizations and insight, as well as proven data-driven enterprise business processes to manage the evolution of data, understand requirements, manage the impact of change and enable decision-support via dashboards and analytics. This combination can provide unparalleled insight and oversight for increased safety and risk management across projects. Finally, the digital thread enables the creation of a comprehensive digital twin which can be simulated and used to bring the virtual and real worlds together, creating a closed loop decision environment for the continual optimization of an enterprise’s capital assets.

– We have been working closely with Bentley Systems to address the challenges faced by our customers across the process and discrete industries to efficiently deliver their enterprise’s capital projects portfolio and to manage their capital assets, said Tony Hemmelgarn, president and CEO at Siemens Digital Industries Software. The CALM solution for Teamcenter supports a digitalization strategy and helps increase efficiencies across the organization. It can help companies digitalize their capital assets earlier in the lifecycle by establishing Teamcenter as the enterprise data management and collaboration foundation for the capital asset lifecycle, beginning in feasibility and planning through modernization and decommissioning.