Cerulean Labs is pleased to announce the release of version 1.3.1 of their sketch-based conceptual design tool. This latest version delivers two significant new features and several enhancements across the app.

Cladding Tool 

The new Cladding tool transforms Spaces mass models into pieces of architecture. Customers can quickly assign cladding to the building faces to create curtain walls, shading systems or combinations of both. 

This is the first release of our Cladding tool, and while we are immensely proud of this release, we still have many features we plan to add, says Campbell Yule, the founder of Spaces. We were keen to get this new tool into our customers’ hands early. As we continue our mantra of continuous improvement, customers will see this tool enhanced over our next few releases. 

Underlying Spaces is a parametric geometric engine built to help designers quickly and effortlessly create their designs. Cladding can be applied to building designs very early on. Any changes to the underlying building form are automatically applied to the cladding without tedious editing tasks by the architect.

Design Options 

The second new tool gives the architect the freedom to explore different design options within the same project file. Quickly create options to explore an idea without creating multiple files. If an idea results in a dead-end, the architect can switch back to the original option and continue the iterative process of exploring and refining the design. 

Both these features compliment each other extremely well, with cladding being a key element in the style of the architecture created. Our customers can now quickly explore all manner of styles by combining the new Cladding and Design option tools, concludes Yule. 

Spaces is available from the Apple App Store. 

About Spaces by Cerulean Labs 

All great architecture starts with a line – Spaces by Cerulean Labs is reinventing conceptual design for architecture. By combining sketching with the power of the iPad, Spaces provides a fast, flexible and fluid workflow allowing architects to sketch design options quickly. At the same time, live building data is at your fingertips to inform your design decisions every step of the way. 

For more information: 

Campbell Yule – Founder 

Email: campbell@ceruleanlabs.io