Holder Homes is a family-owned and operated residential builder specializing in bespoke architectural homes. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has quickly been gaining reputation by building carefully designed, customized high-performance homes in the Sydney region. Whether it is brand new hoes, extensions or major renovations, Holder Homes will see the project through from design to construction.

Managing director Dean Treffiletti says their ability to produce their own timber frames is really what sets Holder Homes apart from many other builders. Using Vertex BD, Holder Homes has been able to transition to off-site construction which has brought considerable cost and time savings for the business. Mr Treffiletti said this has been a definite advantage during the supply and labour shortages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

– The pandemic had major supply issues and with the use of Vertex and manufacturing of wall frames in-house allowed our projects to continue on time and within budgets, he said. 

With material costs surging in the post-pandemic world, it is more important than ever for building companies to cut back on waste in the construction process. Calculating the right amount of material needed is crucial. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology utilised in Vertex BD allows Holder Homes to accurately estimate materials and costs of the project. Mr Treffiletti says he can provide the customer the cost already at the tender stage without many changes during the construction, benefitting both the company and the customer. 

As a company that designs and builds fully customised homes, Holder Homes needed a design software that is flexible. Vertex BD allows for endless customisations for each unique project. Estimator Eddie Treffiletti said that by switching from a 2D system to Vertex BD, Holder Homes has been able to speed up their construction time even with more challenging custom designs. 

– My previous software was a 2D system only and we wanted to start building modular systems and required a software that was adaptable and flexible in custom designs, Mr. Treffiletti said. Vertex has given our company the capacity to supply our clients with modular off-site wall systems, which is more economical and allows our construction time for the structure to be much quicker than the conventional method used in the past.

– Manufacturing our wall system off-site and incorporating our air-barriers in a workshop environment and not on a construction site, assists in our achievement of high-performance homes, Mr Treffiletti said.

Again with the pandemic, the face to face tutoring has been a challenge. Vertex Australia online helpdesk has been able to assist us with all our queries in a prompt manner. If you know what you want from the software, it has the capacity to give it to you along with the required technical support. 

Dean Treffiletti Managing Director, Holder Homes