BIMeye Door Manager makes a major difference in the work with operation and maintenance at Akademiska Hus in Uppsala.

Working with operation and maintenance in one of the largest building owners in the country of Sweden, Mikael Rimskog spends a lot of his workday gathering information for every part of the building all the way down to the maintenance of doors.
However, after being introduced to the BIMeye platform and especially the BIMeye App, Door Manager, Rimskog experiences major improvements when things need changing in the maintenance phase.

– The BIMeye database contains all the information such as width, height, depth measures and technical data we need for the doors and their environment, Rimskog says.

Initially, BIMeye Door Manager was implemented when designing and constructing the facilities of Ulls Hus in Uppsala.
When the construction phase was over and the building went into use, the facility management took over the maintenance of the facility and inherited the BIMeye database for all the doors in the buildings. Thus, Mikael Rimskog has been able to eliminate many hours of work searching for data, which he used to do before.
– In the Ulls House layouts of floor plans with all spaces including area and properties will be accessible in HyperDoc, a FM business support system based on drawings and models. These documents provide the user with facility management instructions such as descriptions on how to maintain all parts of a building i.e. doors, ceilings, floors, wall etc.
When connecting HyperDoc to BIMeye the user is provided with visual views with information about the actual doors used in the property. The maintenance instruction are found in the ‘Management Instruction’ program at Akademiska.
According to Rimskog, the fact that when using BIMeye you can generate reports with a full list of all the doors with the information on them, is no less than amazing.
– You get as much information as you wish, you just use the filter and search functionality and this is the best feature with the BIMeye platform, he says and continues;
– When a facility has new tenants I should like to get the changes into the platform; for instance, fittings on doors might need to be changed and this goes for all the doors. In BIMeye, the search function is easy and you can search out information and get your data sent to the customer. Up until today, we have had many places where we archive our files and this makes it hard to search for information, as we need to go through several systems in order to find what we are looking for. Previously, we did not get as detailed information from the design phase as now when BIMeye has been used. Now we’ve got all information about the doors.  However, with BIMeye door manager I see that we get a thorough description of the doors and they are all in the same BIMeye platform, inherited from the construction and design phase of Ulls House. This saves us time.
This means we even have full control over the existing functions; when an old door is to be replaced, we are able to draw out the information on the very same day we need it and send the order to the supplier with the correct directions where to deliver it on campus.

More BIMeye apps in the future means more time saved
Today, Akademiska Hus benefits from the features for BIMeye Door Manager which was used when Akademiska Hus designed the building.
However, in the near future Mikael Rimskog sees a great potential in employing other apps, such as Room Manager where the data of all parts of a room in a facility are generated from the BIM modelling program that the building was designed and constructed.
Knowing how many hours Mikael Rimskog can save just by the use of one app, he states that implementing more BIMeye apps for more automation is very interesting.
– If I can eliminate the many hours I spend driving to the various buildings and checking what is wrong – and just get these data through BIMeye directly on my screen I see a great potential in working more with the BIMeye solution where I can filter the data according to my needs.
This way, as it is today with the door manager app, Rimskog can present the suppliers with the right information and quickly order new doors or fittings. These data are also their basis for tenders when they buy services for operation and maintenance and the data are very complete with an overview of where the doors in question are situated. This could also be very valuable for both rooms, interiors as well as for all the assets that need maintenance in a facility.