Siemens announced the updated certification of the Teamcenter portfolio of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition to the updated certification, performance testing is now complete on several AWS cloud services used with Teamcenter. New AWS components for Teamcenter will continue to be certified on an ongoing basis. PLM on the cloud simplifies PLM deployments, eliminating large upfront infrastructure costs, and improving enterprise access to PLM data and processes. This helps enable customers to make smarter decisions, and transform their business through digitalization, leading to better products.

  • With Teamcenter on AWS, customers can convert to a pay-as-you-go model for infrastructure, and centrally manage a global PLM footprint cost-effectively, said Terry Wise, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  • We are excited to see Teamcenter customers use more AWS services, further helping customers to do more with less, globally.

– We needed a system to collect and connect our product data in an intelligent way, says Gustav Kågesson, design manager for NP Innovation. – We chose to deploy the proven product lifecycle management system, Teamcenter, on the cloud using Amazon Web Services. We reduced our up-front infrastructure investment, simplified maintenance, and the implementation was smoothly delivered in only 10 days.

Leveraging cloud services from AWS extends the value of Teamcenter, lowers overall cost of ownership, and simplifies deployments. The Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) minimizes the effort to set up, operate and scale a relational database in the cloud, which in turn can decrease costs and time allotted to Teamcenter database administration. The Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides elastic file storage capabilities that allow customers to quickly set up, manage, and scale file systems used with Teamcenter on the cloud. AWS Elastic Load Balancing helps with balancing request routing to the Teamcenter middle-tier in a robust manner for scalability and performance improvements. Finally, Teamcenter with Network Addressable Translation (NAT) enables cloud network security in keeping important data sources, such as Teamcenter, within the private subnet under Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and connects to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) type offerings in the cloud. The expansion of AWS cloud services certified for use with Teamcenter will give PLM customers more flexibility by selecting cloud technology options to achieve their innovation goals.

– The updated certification of Teamcenter on AWS assures our customers that these technologies will continue to work together, even as they evolve, said Joe Bohman, senior vice president of Lifecycle Collaboration Software, Siemens PLM Software. The modern and agile architecture of Teamcenter continues to adopt new technology, which builds on our proven expertise in PLM. We recognize that the cloud is critical to PLM. Expanding the available options on the cloud illustrates how Teamcenter has and will continue to help our customers meet market challenges and realize innovation.