Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions allow NOYEN to reduce design time by 30%

Industry leader Founded in 1999, NOYEN Sp. Z o.o. (NOYEN), Poland, specializes in industrial cleaning and designs and provides solutions for enterprises operating mainly in the automotive and aerospace, but also electrotechnical, mechanical, energy and other industries.

– The range of products NOYEN offers responds to the full spectrum of our customers’ needs, says Zbigniew Kurant, president, NOYEN management board. This means that we do not want to supply only machines or chemicals. We offer a complete solution, starting from physical system components to process analysis, design, training, consultancy and service.

NOYEN provides customers with Compact devices. These machines are designed to clean using spray and immersion techniques. Another series of devices designed for cleaning parts and mechanical components includes Smart, which are smallsized spray cleaning machines. In addition, NOYEN offers Ultra machines designed for cleaning in aqueous solutions supported by an ultrasonic system for cleaning metal, glass or plastics. To satisfy their most demanding customers’ needs, NOYEN introduced tailor-made solutions, including a series of Expert devices dedicated and designed for special production solutions, tailored to a specific project.

– In addition to cleaning devices, the range of products offered by NOYEN includes Metrics measuring devices and Robotics industrial robots, an advanced production line that includes a loading/unloading station, loading robot, milling machine, lathe, laser marking machine and deburring machine, says Krzysztof Jasiński, chief commercial officer, NOYEN. We also provide an extensive list of industrial chemical products as well as professional laboratory services, such as technical cleanness inspection, corrosion resistance testing in a salt chamber or tests in a climatic chamber. To continue the company’s rapid ascent as an industry leader in the marketplace, NOYEN’s management board decided to deploy Solid Edge software and Teamcenter software from Siemens.

 Siemens technology in the order handling process

NOYEN ensures the order handling process is kept at the highest possible level as early as the presale stage and maintains the same quality throughout the entire project cycle.

– This is extremely important when it comes to customer comfort and strengthens our position in the market, says Jasiński. In the sales process, product presentation is extremely important. Therefore, it must be transparent, attractive and substantive. Thanks to the new Siemens solutions, salesmen receive very interesting and effective visualizations that they can present to potential customers. Most importantly, these files do not require specialized projection equipment; we can play them on any device. As a unified platform for the exchange of product data, Teamcenter improves the quality and efficiency of business processes related to the design, production and servicing of products. It is a comprehensive technology that supports the order handling process at every stage of the project.

– After implementing Teamcenter software, we noticed a significant improvement in cooperation between the design engineers and automation engineers, says Wojciech Kowalik, head of the NOYEN automation department. The flow of information has improved significantly, thanks to the possibility of smooth 3D model viewing, which automatically refreshes after each design modification.

Work in one environment

Teamcenter enables multiple users to view and make changes to a project, allowing everyone involved in the order fulfilment process to have access and provide input. Konrad Binienda, head of the design engineering department at NOYEN, says:

– The optimization of design data flow between departments is an especially important feature of Siemens solutions. Anyone using the software can quickly and easily see changes, adjustments or current work on a given product. In the design department, this allows you to anticipate problems and eliminate them at the design stage, thanks to an easy preview of current work.

NOYEN has also realized significant value from the advanced documentation archiving process in Solid Edge.

– The easy access to the documentation of each of the implemented projects has allowed us to quickly review the historical data of finished projects. It helps in servicing and accelerating work, says Binienda. Based on system data, we can also easily customize the product to additional customer requirements. The document revision process is an important advantage of Solid Edge as it enables us to archive the document version and on the other hand that employees will not work on outdated data. In this way, we are sure that the drawings and procedures are up to date, thus largely eliminating the occurrence of production problems. It is also worth emphasizing that the high level of data standardization and processing in the company facilitates the training of new employees.

The automation of internal company processes provides significant time savings. For example, in the case of the bill of materials (BOM), the entire assembly can be changed with just a few clicks. The automation also includes feature and drawing management, ad-hoc calculations while saving the drawing, and refreshing documentation while saving or reporting. During the implementation, the processes were optimized and included reports that allowed users to quickly verify mistakes.

 Tailor-made software and hardware

NOYEN has achieved a high level of specialization in the industrial cleaning market. Processes, procedures and needs depend on very specific production requirements of advanced machines and industrial chemistry.

– We have many solutions that had to be implemented into the new system or transferred from different software so that after the implementation of Teamcenter and Solid Edge, our design engineers and employees of other departments have an environment that meets all their needs, says Binienda. Siemens software is an extremely flexible environment that we have been able to adapt to the specific conditions of our work. In addition to the Siemens software solutions, NOYEN also uses Siemens devices.

Real benefits

The order handling process accelerated significantly after deploying Siemens Digital Industries Software. The vast majority of products sold by NOYEN are designed according to individual customer requirements. NOYEN is planning to expand its Siemens software infrastructure by implementing NX software in the future.