Oil and gas industry supplier optimizes engineering with PLM solution from Siemens

Cárdenas, Tabasco Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche Mexico. The Mexican company Equipos Industriales del Golfo SA (Eigsa) produces and maintains heat exchangers, air coolers and other equipment for the oil and gas industry. Engineering and production processes at Eigsa focus on achieving a high level of efficiency, short design and construction phases and a low error rate. To achieve these goals, the company relies on software solutions from Siemens PLM Software – including systems used for simulating mechanical components and 3D design.

This has enabled the company to reduce its engineering workload by 60 percent and delivery periods by 20 percent while increasing its profits by up to ten percent.

Equipos Industriales del Golfo SA is staking a claim to be the premier supplier to Mexico’s energy industry. To address the stringent demands associated with this lead role, Eigsa not only needs to be in a position to produce components efficiently and with a minimum of manufacturing errors: It also requires the capability to comply with individual customer specifications – within the shortest possible timeframe. These different requirements prompted the company to implement Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software.

 End-to-end solution slashes cycle times

The reasons behind this decision are varied. Firstly, Siemens PLM Software offers an end-to-end solution covering the entire design and development process. Another motivating factor for Eigsa was its high regard for the Parasolid system from Siemens PLM Software. Parasolid is a 3D component software used for solid modeling, and forms the basis for NX. “We also acquired NX and NX Nastran solutions, and with them we have managed to reduce the cycle times in engineering development by 60 percent” says a delighted Gerardo Espinosa Bravo, COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Eigsa. The Siemens solutions include advanced computeraided engineering (CAD) tools. Of these, the Mexican supplier uses primarily finite element analysis (FEA) simulation to validate the structural integrity of its components. By combining the use of analysis with 3D design, Eigsa has succeeded in improving the quality of its components while reducing its requirement for physical prototypes. This has also meant shortening the time taken to respond to customer inquiries by 20 percent

Competitive on a global scale

Apart from cutting its engineering workload and reducing delivery periods, using the Siemens solutions has also allowed Eigsa to speed up and simplify the process of exchanging information with its customers. They have also enabled the company to progress its capability in the field of 3D design. Using finite element simulation, 3D scan technology and modern 3D visualization, the Mexican supplier can draw on extensive product development resources which also benefit its customers.

– With Siemens PLM Software, we have the latest design tools and can offer our customers high-performance solutions, concludes Espinosa Bravo. – The PLM solutions help us reach the highest quality standards at the international level.