Platonics Ltd., the Finnish 3D printing company, announced the availability of the company’s first product, Platonics Ark. The revolutionary 3D printer is designed especially to make architects’ every day life easier, faster, and more creative. Platonics Ark is a result of years of background research and development done together with architects and arechitecture offices.
The core mission of Platonics Ltd. is to make 3D printing easy, efficient and fast for architects, and other 3D printing enthusiasts.
The company’s engineers, developers, designers and business people all share the same passion for architecture and design, and have years of experience in manufacturing 3D printers, developing software, and designing products.
The research & development of Platonics Ark has included 1,027 conversations with architects all over the world and an intensive piloting period with the leading architecture offices in Finland, including Ala Architects, JKMM, Lunden Architecture Company, Serum Architects Ltd., Verstas, and Studio Puisto.
Platonics Ark is set to improve communication and design decisions for architects by reintroducing scale models to the daily design work.
Julio Tiusanen, CEO and Co-founder of Platonics comments:
– We at Platonics don’t think architects should adapt to 3D printing, but 3D printing should adapt to architecture. We want to help architects better communicate about their design concepts so that people from different backgrounds can easily comprehend projects. Quality 3D printing of scale models can and should be as common as any other form of printing. With Platonics Ark’s fast and easy to use software, hardware setup, material handling, and maintenance we believe we are very close to making this vision a reality.
Samuli Woolston, Partner, ALA Architects says:
– There’s nothing like a physical model to explain a form. We have used 3D printing as a tool for assessing design iterations of complex forms for 12 years now. The challenge for us is the amount of hours our staff spends on maintenance and pre-processing files. We couldn’t wait to get a printer that just works. That’s why we’re co-developing the perfect printer for architects with Platonics.
Pre-processing time down to minutes
One of the core features, which make 3D printing so smooth with Platonics Ark is that it reduces the amount of processes required before the actual printing. Moving from file to print takes just four steps with the Platonics software. In minutes it turns CAD files into 3D printable STL files with no pre-processing; a process, which could otherwise take up to 10 hours of manual work. The software allows for printing directly from Archicad, Revit, Rhino, Vectorworks and Sketchup.
With the plug & play functionality and easy web application, printing can be started immediately when the product is unboxed.
Adding to the easiness of the software, the maintenance of PIatonics Ark has been reduced to a minimum. Its self-cleaning and selfcalibrating printer, and easily replaceable modular design, spares the user from messy cleaning and handling clogged parts.
Platonics Ark uses a wide range of eco-friendly, biodegradable materials for printing. Current selection includes Matte, Transparent, Wood, Terracotta, Clay, Granite, Concrete, Copper, and Bronze.
Now available for pre-order through lndiegogo
Platonics Ark is now available for pre-ordering through crowdfunding platform lndiegogo. Product deliveries for lndiegogo backers are targeted to start in April 2018, and full-scale production is set to launch in May 2018.